Santo Domingo Nights Tour

Santo Domingo Nights

Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic and nobody knows how to party like dominican, is the largest city in the Caribbean with four million people, is one of the most vibrant cities for nights in Latin America. In Santo Domingo, you will find hundreds of bars, lounges, dance clubs, casinos, nightclubs, discos, hot clubs and tons of beautiful people! Santo Domingo Nights is very exciting!

Santo Domingo Nightlife has something for everyone and every taste. You will find dozens of bars, clubs, lounges, night clubs and many hot clubs, and casinos. Choose from sophisticated places with the latest dance music to spots playing Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton and Dembow. The fun & the action are guaranteed to lure you into Santo Domingo bars and clubs after dark to experience the Vibrant and fun of Santo Domingo Nights.

Party All Night if you know where to find the best nightlife in Santo Domingo! Most clubs open until noon or 1.00 AM during the week and until 3.00 AM on weekends. However, some clubs have extended hours, till 5.00 AM, one night during the week. Few clubs located in hotels have a special tourist license and are open daily till 6.00 AM.

Santo Domingo Nightlife: Trendy Clubs Downtown

The number one lounge in the Santo Domingo for the best nightlife early on is right here. This place is always busy and really rocks. There a semi open terrace with great views and the atmosphere is between a bar and a club. Also you will find a lot atractive people walking around the Colonial Zone.

For a more authentic Dominican beat and for early afternoon starts after 5.00 PM, you must visit the lastest Rumba VIP lounge bar in Santo Domingo. This club has been totally renovated a few months ago and the decor is stunning on par with trendy spots in Miami or Rio. The music is Latin and drinks unexpensive. There are no foreign guys here as most patrons are local high ranking political figures and successful business people. However, the best part is the bombshells Dominican girls that will be waiting on you, who are friendly and available to have a drink with.

The other top place in this part of town to enjoy nightlife in Santo Domingo is a Trendy Fashion Gold Disco Club, located in Ramada Hotel. You will find great mixed music, hip – hop, house, Latin and reggeaton with lots of beautiful young people. Gets going at 2.00 AM until early in the morning. Visit this place if you like to party all night and know the best of Santo Domingo Nights.


Santo Domingo Nights: Colonial Zone, Venezuela Street, Adult Entertainment Clubs


The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo is the main tourist district and there are many bars and clubs with many opening and closing and also there is a lot of sideways bars and Open Patios and if you want a place to have a memorable dinner visit Pat’e Palo, the N.1 rated restaurant in Tripadvisor (always full but we can get you reservations). Nightlife in this part of Santo Domingo starts early and can go on late, but you will have to know where to go there is a lot to do in the Colonial Zone Area.

You will also find most of the Dominican History in this area where all the museums become to also be part of the wonderful nights.

One of the most remarkable places to go is what the locals call “El Otro Lado” that means The Other Side where most of the Night Clubs are located specifically in Venezuela Street where most of the Night Life Party occurs and you feel the exciment of Santo Domingo Nights.